The Pixel Trade

Inside Narrative

Head over to the new spot @shantanustarick | to continue following the pixel trade.
Moving this feed over to @shantanustarick | head over there to follow the ongoing attempt to get around the world trading photography for the necessities.
Trade 53 Part 2 | with @kitchensurfing | Final day following different chefs around New York | This man goes by the strong name of Wiley Dufresne | His personality is so entertaining I stood in his presence for hours forgetting that I actually needed to film and photographs.
I’m moving The pixel Trade feed to @shantanustarick. See you over there to continue the continent skipping
Repeat trade with | @kitchensurfing | I spent the day documenting @PaulLiebrandt | a very gifted chef in New York City | The ending to this day was unbelievable…
Trade 102 | with @terranewyork / @yuyurika | two pretty incredible ladies who are making designer raincoats | The designs are such that you wish it would be raining every day.
Trade 101 | with @lildaylighters | I got to spend a few hours with these guys on the first day working on their debut album | Watching the beginning of something like this is like nothing I’ve seen before.
Trade 100 | with @Squarespace | in December I moved The Pixel Trade website over to Squarespace, an unreal independent startup who make the world of creating websites unbelievably easy | Back at the start of this year Squarespace agreed to host The Pixel Trade in exchange for shooting their headquarters and the SoHo area whilst I’m in New York. Thanks to them every part of this project including the back end jazz is all traded for. 

Thanks to everyone for following the project so far | 100 trades!! And it’s not slowing down. I’ll be hitting more continents over the next year and shooting some great projects. The 1 year mark is just around the corner and not a penny has been spent. It’s possible.
New York City | I flew into JFK this morning and I have to thank @smiling76 for getting out of bed and grabbing me with this little sign.
Made it by 1 minute